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Have Talent, Will Travel

Think about this…the Earth is nearly 25,000 miles around. Is it just me, or does it seem ridiculous to stay in the same place your entire life with that many miles out there to explore?

To settle is to poison your talents.  Settling out of fear or for the sake of comfort sucks the life right out of you. I see it every single day. Instead, grab your talents and take them with you. Maybe as a writer it’s a bit easier for me, as I can freelance. But if you want it bad enough, you will find a way to make it work. Slowly but surely, I am living proof of this.

I crave experiencing the cultural differences out there, meeting different people and learning what makes the planet tick. I know I’m not alone on this, but a lot of people criticize my views. And those who criticize are usually the same ones who seem to simply be going through the motions, walking around like shells of robot-people, complaining about being exhausted, bored, and on and on. Spare me. They ask, “What about money?” I say, “What about it? Go out and make it. If I can do it, so can you!”

I just always wonder, do people truly feel satisfied with the same routine day-in and day-out? Sure you may have a family and friends, etc., but are you truly happy or simply content? Are you living to your full potential pencil-pushing all day long? I doubt it. Did you really reach all of your personal goals before settling down with another human being and starting a family? I doubt that, too.

And honestly, why does committing to a relationship traditionally infer that you have to stay in one place? I think this is why, as much I am criticized for it, I tend to date gentleman with more non-traditional careers…because I know they get it. They can appreciate the impact travel has on your life. Being able to contribute to other societies and causes. Being able to make an impact that reaches far beyond the confines of a white picket fence on Main Street USA.

This is not a dreamer’s mindset. It is realistic and happens every day. The excitement keeps you hungry. The passion to excel motivates you in ways you never thought possible. Some of the most successful and driven people in the world live this way. Responsible adults building amazing careers while leaving a paper trail of life-changing, mind-enhancing, and spiritually-enriching experiences in their wakes.

Knowing you can always come back to your home base is a far better feeling than wondering what could have been had you actually had the nerve to follow your heart and go!

Sometimes ©

Sometimes there is no better feeling
than crying yourself to sleep

Sometimes there is no better feeling
than letting the tears wash your face

Sometimes there is no better feeling
than realizing how things could have been

Sometimes there is no better feeling
than having a heart that knew how to love

Sometimes there is no better feeling
than knowing what you had

Sometimes there is no better feeling
than never having to look back

Sometimes there is no better feeling
than crying yourself to death…over a life with no regrets.


Sacred ©

He reminds me of a maze I want to stay lost in forever
Little surprises at every turn
The faster the second hand swings
The harder I am blown away by the gusts of this wild ride…
And I love it.

I try so hard to hold onto the walls only he has been able to tear down
Taking his time on me
Piece by piece unraveling me…
And I love it.

Sometimes I can’t help but stagger,
Trying to gather myself as his eyes hover over mine.

The brightest eyes I’ve ever known,
Painted over with a subtle hint of grey, it is impossible to look away.

An angelic touch,
His hands trace my body as perfectly as Da Vinci’s brush.

He leaves me tousled
He makes me shine
Every kiss feels like the first
Even his shadow beams…

And I love it.


Tom Ford, Will You Adopt Me?

Just when I thought I couldn’t get enough of Tom Ford’s unmatched creative genius…he goes and makes a film.

Film has always been a strong side on my love octagon with the arts. Writing, film, music, dance, fashion, design, theater and Warhol (yes, he gets his own side).

Tom Ford continues to hold me captive with his creative vices…today through film rather than fashion. I just viewed the film, ‘A Single Man’. His directorial debut and screenplay have left me in a dizzy state of awe, smothered with a fantastic heartache.

Simply perfect.

I’m pretty sure if he wasn’t happily involved with journalist Richard Buckley for the last twenty-some odd years, Tom and I would have been a perfect match…in a gay man/straight woman kind of way. So instead, I propose a possible adoption as I heard the pair would like to have children.

And if that isn’t in the cards, I’d settle for some level of creative intertmix…either way, Mr. Ford remains one of the brightest constellations in my universe of inspiration.

Valentine’s Delight

I like Valentine’s Day.

Sure, my romantic breakfast in bed this Valentine’s Day may have consisted of me reaching over and grabbing a handful of chocolates from my night table. And that is fine with me.

And maybe the one who makes my heart smile as of late is across the ocean embracing his own creativity and talents…something I respect, appreciate, and relate to more than I could ever explain. And that is fine with me.

While it’s fun to shower someone with gifts on a day like today, I’ve always felt love and relationships and even Valentine’s Day, are simply about the moments you experience with someone…capturing one another in your private little frame that only the two of you share.

That is the beauty of it. That is what matters most…to me anyway.

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

This morning, after a hearty breakfast of red swedish fish and Fiji water, I came across this quote:

“Sugar kills,” director Guy Ritchie fumed during a promotional event.

“Think of the calories in sugar. Fat kills more people than anything else. Sugar is responsible for a lot of deaths, arguably more than crack cocaine.”

Ok, let’s think about this shall we?

I’m pretty sure that there aren’t a lot of “sugar heads” lingering on the corners of poorly lit streets at night looking for a fix. And sugar doesn’t always make you fat. If that were true, I’d be bigger than a hot air balloon. Yet I remain easy on the eyes with a petite (and sassy) frame. Maybe I’m a little biased since I’m a chick and am naturally made of half sugar (and half spice).

Still, my love affair with sugar goes back to my days of only using Twizzlers as straws — which I still do — because let’s face it, regular straws are for suckers. And who doesn’t like cupcakes, birthday cakes, Wonka bars, or even a mojito with pink sugar crystals lining the rim of the glass?

Apparently Mr. Ritchie has never had cotton candy served to him in such an amazing manner as I have witnessed one evening at Kitchen 305 in Miami (see below).

The worst part is that it’s always people like him who end up finding the golden ticket to Wonka’s crib and don’t even think twice about it…probably using it as a coaster for a pint of some sour dark ale.

Guy Ritchie is such a hater. You know what is really “responsible for a lot of deaths, arguably more than crack cocaine” … having to sit through one of his lame ass films.

I’ll toast to that. Now, someone get me a Twizzler so I can drink my Kool Aid.

Untitled ©

There is nothing that I would not do
I would run across the moon for you
Just to have something I know is true
Resting in your arms.

There was once a time that I had doubt
But you changed my heart and changed my route
You are all that I can’t live without
Now I’m resting in your arms.


Into Your Arms ©

Chill in the air…

Stilettos guiding me through the middle of the street,
Ignoring the crosswalk…best instinct I ever followed.

Led me into something I never expected…
Into your arms.

A stunning creature that embodies such grace, such beauty…
Purity in the ease of a glance.

In a world of numbered days and shaking doorways,
Change is the force driving me into your arms…
Into your arms.

You mask me with a canopy of all I’ve ever dreamed possible.
Reaching out to something I now know is real.

Set to the motion of a furious passion…
I savor the wings you’ve given the most sacred parts of all that I am.

Enduring a constant craving to surge into our own little universe…
Found in your arms.