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All The World’s A Spa

No disrespect to Will Shakespeare, but man, he was way off.  All the world’s a stage, huh? Well, after an all-day spa spectacular at the Fontainebleau’s Lapis Spa in Miami Beach over the weekend, I can officially confirm that all the world’s a spa. Or at least it should be. I am convinced that spa visits equate to happy people, and happy people make the world a better place. It’s so simple.

Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain

Soaking in bubbling mineral baths for hours on end will help lift any haze of unclarity you may have lingering over your life. Lounging on perfectly-arched Morrocan-inspired Hamman marble benches set to 105 degrees will warm your body straight to its core. Laying motionless under an invigorating indoor rain tunnel will work its magic, too. And of course, I can’t forget being buffed and polished from head to toe by a non-English speaking spa professional who was surely taking a break from his mid-day photo shoot at Ocean Drive Magazine to cater to my every need. Ah, life can be so flawless sometimes.

Not my first spa experience, but certainly the most thought-provoking. As I simmered in the eucalyptus-infused steam room, thoughts trickled out of me almost as if they were racing against the glistening beads of sweat rolling down my freshly-polished limbs. I sat there thinking of some of the things I am totally and helplessly in love with in my own little world.

Hand-written love poems. Clear lip gloss. Andy Warhol. Lyrics that make you weep. Older couples holding hands. Cupcakes. SportsCenter. The crystal waters lining Miami Beach. The coolness of crisp, white linens draping the sleeping quarters of a luxury hotel suite. Chivalry. Passionate people. Organic eats. Wearing dresses all day, everyday. Being an ongoing witness to the impeccable drive of the planet’s most humble athlete. Fiji water. Marble floors. “Te Amo” whispered in your ear as you drift to sleep. A fearless heart. Basking in the sun with a mojito by my side. Manicures and pedicures. Being outspoken…at just the right times. The power of independence. The curiosity triggered by an innocent smile paired with a sexy pair of heels.

I could go on forever…or least for another day of soaking, spa attendant manhandling and bottomless glasses of lemon-drenched water. But mostly, knowing I’m exactly where I’m meant to be is, dare I say, better than any picture perfect, gold dusted spa steward…for now at least!