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Celebrating The Lessons Of 2017

This year was…interesting. While it may seem that time teaches us new lessons, I like to think they are actually all just the same ones simply donning different outfits. Initially we tend to pay more attention to the ones in couture, but in the end, it’s the raggedy old ones that always seem to carry the most worth. In 2017 I learned a few things about this, that and the other, and I feel blessed to have them stitched into my heart as I venture into 2018.

Celebrate Your Life

Lessons Of Love

I learned that for me, following my heart will always remain top priority.  No shocker there. Enduring obstacles results in a greater appreciation of the complexities of love. I also learned that when it comes to relationships, you truly cannot force anything…you must let every moment have its moment.

Lessons Of The Body

I am a firm believer that you must treat your body as a temple…a gift from God. And from that lesson I now know there is immeasurable power in choosing organic food and clean living (with a dash of cupcakes here and there). I can honestly say I have never felt healthier!

Lessons Of The Mind & Spirit

I learned a lot about the power of focusing more on spirituality rather than religion. Sure I’ll always be a good Catholic girl, but a stronger focus on my spirituality has helped me to build a better version of myself through positive thought and positive energy. Clarity of the mind is a powerful tool. What you emit you will attract.


Lessons Of Self

I got to know myself this year in a way that was new. When you really start living your truth, life pans out in a very different and rewarding way. For me, my writing reached new levels. Creativity and ideas seemed to flow excessively…and I continue to welcome such floods. Working for myself is the best decision I ever could have made. But make no mistake…the freedom of freelance was well-earned. I put in my time behind this desk and that desk, scribbling away at the hand of others. But no more.

Lessons Of Environment

I realized that when you are surrounded by goodness, purity and people with good intentions and unstoppable passion for what they do, that you, too, become one of those people. I also learned that I am really, really good at shutting out nonsense and negativity. This took a while…but being able to silence the day-to-day black cloud of certain things (think social media and online negativity) is a major win!

And by the way, it’s OK to let the world know! It’s OK to be proud of who you are and what you are working to accomplish in your life. Be proud of your talents, your beauty, your brains. Love yourself the way you can’t help but love someone else…with unconditional and unwavering loyalty.

So as 2017 tucks itself away, do yourself a favor and consider your own lessons. Consider their significance and impact on not just yesterday, but tomorrow. Love your life, love others, love yourself…and celebrate every sunset as if it is New Year’s Eve and every new sunrise as if it’s New Year’s Day! PS. Good riddens to this year…it was one I think we all can leave far behind without missing a beat.

I Put The Super In Superstitious

I’m about as superstitious as they come.

I knock on wood. I throw salt over my shoulder. I wish on the clock when the numbers are all the same. I cross my fingers. 

When it comes to travel, I will never, ever, sit in row 13 on an airplane, nor will I book a flight in which the flight# adds up to 13.

I will not let someone remove the knife after they make that first cut into their birthday cake…and I will forever refuse to sit with my back facing the front door of a restaurant. (That actually may be more of a mafia-related issue, but you get the point.)

Maybe to onlookers it’s a bit much…this coming from a girl who has countless coins scattered all over her floors at home because she refuses to pick up anything that has landed tails up. 

(Is it any wonder I live alone?) 

Yep, I’m one superstitious girl…and apparently I also drop a lot of coins.

But the way I see it, if you don’t mess with the universe, the universe won’t mess with you.

To answer your question, yes. People think I’m nuts for believing in some sort of magical supernatural force that is lurking above us all…but that’s ok. I own it. 

Besides, I’m not big on pushing the buttons of the unseen, undead or seemingly unavoidable. 

If staying clear of trouble on that end means people pointing out coins on my floor when they visit and laughing at me, then so be it.

But don’t knock it! 

Let me tell you, superstitions aren’t always necessarily believed to avoid something unsavory. I know for a fact they work in the opposite way as well.

For example, I’ve always felt that animals hold the souls of deceased humans. 

Stop laughing. 

That being said, I am certain that the random bird which suddenly appeared at our front door day after day, was my grandfather. Sure enough, my mother addressed the bird as such and off it flew, never to be seen again.  

And how about the awkward silence that sometimes creeps into a conversation? That’s just an angel passing over.

And so, as this being the eve of Halloween, my sensors are up and I’m not taking any chances. 

So when my total at Whole Foods this morning was $6.66, you better believe I grabbed an extra bottle of overpriced water to settle the score.

Dining On Stars ©

There need not be reason…
brushing against our intertwined silhouettes.

There need not be explanation…
emerging from our feverish lips.

There need not be any afterthoughts…
mingling around our scene of passionate disarray.

There need only be the desire to capture you as you did me…
a graceful shock of electric fervor.

A single glance that shook me to a halt.

With eyes that bright, you must have been dining on stars.