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See You In Dallas Steeler Nation!!

I do my best to stay hush hush when it comes to trash talking during the NFL season. Despite my fanatical mindset for this Steeler team, which represents my hometown week after week, I like to think I do a pretty good job of ignoring all of the quips that often come my way.

Afterall, I am a lady.

Steeler Nation

Well, throw all that Miss Manners crap out the window, because after the Steelers handed the Jets a nice little beat down tonight at Heinz Field, it feels oh-so-good to know that my gut has once again been right from day one of the season. AFC Champions AGAIN! I should moonlight as a sports-psychic. I bet Vegas would love me.

Needless to say, I am beaming with excitement that the Steelers have made their way into yet another Super Bowl. Lucky #7. For me, the thrill is easily three-fold.

One, is that my hometown can obtain its pride for yet another season. Unless you are from Pittsburgh, it is hard to understand the psychotic loyalty of the Steeler fan base. I think it enters your bloodline when you are born there and never dissipates, regardless of where you end up. Something about the history of the Steeler organization and its fans, the way the Rooney’s are still running the show, and the tightly-knit bond between them all, keeps this team elite.

Two, is getting to watch my friend play so well and accomplish his third trip to the Super Bowl. Not to mention being named Player of the Game along with William Gay after knocking Sanchez on his ass. It all kind of tugs at my heartstrings a little bit. I also think it is no coincidence that the Steelers scored 24 points, the same as Ike’s jersey number. There is magic in numbers.

Sanchez Taken Down By Taylor

And three, the ability to silence all the naysayers that have been buzzing in my ear all season is quite pleasurable.

I never lost faith in this team. Even through the off-field nonsense involving Ben and his troubles with the ladies. Even after key players endured injuries. Even after a loss to those pesky Ravens earlier in the season. Sure there will still be people with the blah blah blahs, but really, at this point, what can they say? Nothing.

Looking forward to the madness of Dallas and what is sure to be the Steelers’ lucky #7 Super Bowl title!

Dear Brewing Hurricane…Please Take Your Business Elsewhere

On the cusp of my much anticipated move to Miami this weekend, I am thrilled to see a tropical disturbance forming in the salty waters of the Atlantic. It is expected to strengthen into a tropical storm and most likely a hurricane by this weekend, or so they say. I envision a wonderfully-formed storm heading straight toward south Florida as I hit the road.

And I can only laugh to myself…preparing for the ultimate “I told you so” retort.

Rain, rain, go away!

You see, for the last six months, I’ve been working diligently on planning this move. And for the last six months, literally all I’ve heard from a very close friend of mine is, “Why do you want to move to Miami? Don’t move to Miami. There are hurricanes. Everyone is leaving Miami. Hurricanes, blah, blah, hurricanes, blah, blah, flooding, blah, blah, hurricanes.”

I told him, “That’s anywhere coastal over here, not just Miami. New job, new experiences, new city, new people…I’ll chance it.”

Then I remind him his off season home is here in Orlando…which has certainly had a few stormy run-ins the last few years. I remind him that hurricanes have a mind of their own….Miami isn’t exactly the only target. Does he not remember a little lady named Katrina that passed through his hometown of New Orleans? Maybe that’s why he’s so concerned. Katrina was a real b***h.

Then I question that maybe he just doesn’t want me to move because he will miss seeing me all the time in the off season. Yes? No? Yes? If only I could put into words his scoff at that last comment. He’ll miss me, trust me. Boys and their egos, I swear.

Either way, he now has me obsessing over creepy weather conditions….but don’t tell him I told you. I’m not sure if he’s caught wind (so to speak) of the most recent storm that’s a brewin’ out there because he didn’t mention it last night…but trust me, I’ll be getting an ear full soon enough.

But I mean really, even if I do get washed away into the arms of a storm, at least I know I was exactly where I wanted to be and I never faltered in my drive to get there. Plus, I’m pretty sure dead writers sell more books…so let the storms begin!