Please Help Support Ronald Poppo

Sometimes when you hear about horrible things, you just close your eyes and wish with all of your might that they are simply not true. As I’ve mentioned before, I always make it a point to write about good things and happy things. Unfortunately, every day isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, and sometimes things occur that move me in a way that I simply cannot ignore.

This is the case when I heard about of Ronald Poppo. Ronald is a 65-year-old homeless man who was the victim of a viscous and cannibalistic attack in Miami over Memorial Day Weekend. I was literally stunned and extremely disturbed as I caught word of this horrific incident. All I could think of is that my own father is around that age and I can’t even phathom the idea of someone harming him.

As Ronald remains unconscious in the hospital here in Miami, they are expecting him to one day be able to have facial reconstruction surgeries to help rebuild his face. His attacker literally ate off his entire face, leaving only the bottom 1/5 still intact. He has lost one eye already, although doctors expect the other to be lost and he will be blind. It is gruesome and even hard to write, but the truth must be told.

Two funds have already been opened to assist Ronald. Being the little investigative journalist that I am, I wanted to only report on trusted giving sources, as to make sure all funds are distributed properly.

One was opened by the Jackson Memorial Foundation yesterday.

The other was opened by Fredo Gonzalez, a private citizen from Boston. He launched the fundraiser on GiveForward, an online fundraising tool, meant to help people raise or gather funds for causes and organizations important to them. The goal of this campaign is to raise at least $50,000 by August 31, 2012.

We have learned from Ronald’s sister, who came forward after not being able to locate her brother for 30 years, that he is extremely intelligent, was once a highly-regarded student and even attended college. Though details as to how his life took a turn and led him to a life on the streets remain unknown, that is not what matters. What matters is he is already plagued with loneliness and should absolutely not have to experience that feeling for one second longer.

I continue to pray that once he awakes he is somehow able to not lose faith in humanity. Please keep him in your prayers and show your support with a donation if you are able. My heart aches for this man. A stranger. Someone I’ve never met and probably will never meet. Again, that is not what matters. What matters is I truly believe that the more support he receives through prayer, the stronger his own faith will be when he awakes.

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