Resisting The Ugly

Sometimes I wonder how it is possible to feel so overwhelmed and underwhelmed by humanity at the same time.

Let me explain…

I am overwhelmed by the ugliness of human nature.

I am underwhelmed by the fact that the goodness is being covered up by said ugliness.

And WE are not only allowing it, WE are causing it!

Yes, the state of the planet at the moment is this concoction of good and evil.

Nothing new there.

However, my greatest wish is that the icky parts that have saturated our day-to-day lives are somehow suddenly triggered to dissolve.

Here’s a hint: WE are the trigger.

What do I mean?

The social media negativity. The bullying. The trolling. The brainless bla, bla, bla. The constant, ongoing defensive and harsh attitudes we exhibit with one another.

Because guess what?

Underneath all of those demeaning key strokes, I can 1000% tell you that the good stuff IS there.

The kindness is there. The love is there.

It is there for all backgrounds. For all races. For all genders. For all humans. (And all of our four-legged friends, too.)

Choose to live in THAT world…

Because although it may seem that every waking second is just one big overwhelming negative story, post, article —

You must remember that you are CHOOSING to allow those things to infiltrate your life.


By reading, sharing, retweeting all the negativity, you are only breeding MORE negativity.

So why not CHOOSE to share what will actually influence each other in a positive way?

Get up and get AWAY from your screen.

(Yes, I realize that I’m saying that as I type on my laptop…)

But I have personally chosen to not allow the negative and typically mindless opinions of others influence my day.

And guess what?

I live in a very strong and positive mental state that continues to open new opportunities revolving around MORE good things.

Try it.

Don’t be lured in by seedy headlines or news broadcasts. (They just want ratings.)

Don’t allow what is written or said or shared by others to be your gateway to the world.

Get the FACTS on things.

Get out and form your OWN opinions. (Imagine that?!)

And I promise you, your life will slowly but surely gain a sense of calm that will make you say:

“I remember you, old friend!”

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