Shifting Back…Ahead

It has come to my attention recently that the universe is a clever little thing.

It has the ability to grace us with new people, new situations, new opportunities…yet in the same breath can re-saturate us with the very same things from our past.

I have to wonder if breathing life into the ghosts we assumed were long left behind is worth the extra effort of the inhale.

As humans, we tend to be so consumed with thinking about yesterday and tomorrow – that we shuffle beyond the current moment and forget to embrace what that very moment is bringing to the table.

But then I think…wait!

If the past is suddenly in the present, is that not the universe simply bringing to the forefront something that should be embraced once again — only in THIS moment anew?

Maybe last time around THAT moment wasn’t really ITS moment.

Maybe THIS is its actual moment and the other was just…a dress rehearsal.

Are we really living in the now if the now is a now filled with the way-back-whens?

I have to say yes.

Yes…because I believe that if things that were lost make their way back ’round, they have done so for a reason.

Love, friendship, work opportunities…all of these have the ability to play Houdini and make a grand entrance yet again.

The REAL decision then rests with if we are willing to answer that all too familiar knock on the door – or lock it shut once and for all.

For me, someone who typically shuts and locks those doors tight…I can’t help but feel like a living cliche as I lean the other way –

trust the process

what’s meant to be will be

– by actually embracing a second (or third) act.

But sometimes, it seems like that embrace is something you simply cannot fight.

Especially when the core of the newly re-released scenes have been written by the heart.

My heart.

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