PETA, Hypocrisy & A Very Bullied Breed

Has #PETA forgotten what their clever little acronym stands for? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the very organization that denounces the killing of animals for food or fur, actually supports the extermination of a particular breed of dog for simply being born as such?

That is NOT ethical. It is NOT OK to pick and choose…either you want ethical treatment for ALL or NONE. Who are you to choose what soul should die? I typically support the mission of #PETA, even when extreme…but this is too much. You’re blaming the wrong end of the leash #PETA. ALL animals deserve life!

One thought on “PETA, Hypocrisy & A Very Bullied Breed

  1. Thank you for this insight…too many people fail to see the issue as ‘blaming the wrong end of the leash’ as you said. Love your page 🙂

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