Unfiltered Love

Love is blind because lust gouged its eyes out.

Sure that may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. Think about it. Lust is the instigator of all romantic relationships…whether casual or serious. It is very powerful and can morph itself into perceptions and misconceptions with just a few swipes of the second hand.

The way I see it, the ability to see a situation for what it truly is can be a challenge at times, as things have a way of getting caught deep within levels of filters. These filters come in the form of lust, excuses, denial, the benefit of the doubt, fear, and of course, love.

Except when the situation is yours, of course. Then they aren’t filters. They’re reasons. And they’re just fine with you, thank you very much!

And even no matter how wrong something may seem for you without these filters intact, if your heart is in it…you can forget it. It’s like a whole new breed of blindness.

A blindness that has been originally planted from lust and has grown into an unfamiliar world of wonderment and happiness you never knew could exist. A world where unrealistic possibilities are unheard of.

And while I remain love’s biggest fan and probably one of the most loyal hearts left on the planet, I can’t help but want to destroy that filter factory in my head sometimes.

I would love to experience an unfiltered love. To be able to enjoy the lure of lust as it turns into a delicate state of love, unable to be touched by the poisonous filters of the universe.

This is my wish.

But until then, filters intact.

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