E11EVEN’s Founder & Creator Talks Burlesque Dancers, Cirque du Soleil Theatrics & The Nightclub Industry

Like most people, I am curious by nature and thrive on the allure of the forbidden. The naughty and the unmentionable is something that is not easily avoided in a city like Miami. So checking out E11EVEN Miami, downtown’s newest unique nightlife experience, was right up my alley.

Since E11EVEN opened its doors earlier this year, there has been a buzz of curiosity surrounding what type of club it actually is. It has been referred to as a strip club/night club/Cirque du Soleil-esque/restaurant/lounge/burlesque show/sports bar…I could go on.

The good news is, as a 24/7 operation, E11EVENis technically all of the above and pretty much anything else you want it to be. But I kind of like to think that it remains better off undefined, allowing its visitors to gather their own definition from their own personal experience.

Click here to read this article in its entirety at JustLuxe.com.

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