Tom Ford’s Wit Should Be Bottled & Sold

In celebration of the recent marriage of my favorite human alive, Tom Ford, to his delightful (now) husband Richard Buckley, I felt the need to revisit the lovely wit of one of the planet’s top designers, creative minds, and let’s face it, all around men.

Every time I hear something new that has escaped the lips of Tom Ford, I find myself gasping for air, drowning in his brilliance. So here I go again.

But first let me point out that I have been an avid admirer of this insanely talented creature and his career far before his name was being mustered from the mouths of hip-hop moguls and their cronies around the globe. No thanks to you, Jay-Z.

While I’ve previously reached out to Ford to adopt me, as he is already quite spoken for romantically,  I can only be happy for his concrete relationship with Buckley. The two met when Ford was a spry 25 years old and when Buckley was 38. The couple welcomed their first son, Alexander ‘Jack’ John Buckley Ford, in 2012. So much for adopting me.

I recall Tom’s response to British Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman’s inquiry in regards to his openness about being gay. To which Ford replied, “I’m not gay, Alex! What made you think that?”

Shulman reportedly gestured to Buckley, seated in the audience. That’s when Ford displayed not only his great sense of humor, but also his very sensible approach to human sexuality.

“Yes, and he’s a man, but we don’t necessarily have to put boxes around everything. Have you ever slept with a woman, Alex?” The answer, amid laughter and a round of applause from the audience, was a swift “No.”

Ford added, “I hate to use the words gay and straight, and I think we’re all on some sort of sliding scale. Of course, I’m at the Richard Buckley end of the scale, but I hate that gay/straight thing.”

People think Tom Ford is an arrogant control freak. If that’s the case, then I’m in love with the impeccably creative brain of an arrogant control freak. His shell isn’t too shabby either. I mean, just the epitome of the perfectly-manicured man…if you’re into that kind of thing. Did I mention his middle name is Carlyle?

Enough said.

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