Steeler Nation Still Under Construction

ImageThe trouble-laden (and ultra depressing) season for Pittsburgh continues. Although the Steelers most definitely picked up the pace a bit for a few games after a horrific start (sorry guys), another incident has taken center field for the team that has nothing to do with lackluster play on behalf of the players.

Enter Coach Mike Tomlin.

Coach Mike Tomlin was just fined $100,000 (ouch) for what he says was an ‘embarrassing on-field foray’, albeit unintentional. Tomlin’s placement on the field during the game against Baltimore a few weeks back interfered with Jacoby Jones’ return, causing a whirlwind of backlash. Still, despite the incident, Baltimore didn’t seem too phased and won the game 22-20.

Tomlin, who is a well-liked, stand-up guy around the league, accepted responsibility for his error and stated he openly accepts the punishment from the league. Moving ahead, the Tomlin incident is still not overshadowing the fact that the Steelers are now 5-7 (truth be told, it took me while to write that…the pain is unbearable) and have pretty much lost any realistic grip of a play-off opportunity for the first time in 1,000 years (or so it seems).

Next up are the Miami Dolphins at Heinz Field this Sunday. I’m curious to see how Mike Wallace is “welcomed” when he takes to his old stomping grounds in Pittsburgh. Chatter around the league confirms that Wallace is prepared to drown in the sea of boos as he makes his entrance. It’s only appropriate, right? Maybe LeBron can give him some advice on bad homecomings.

Either way, against the Dolphins, there are still a few areas that must improve for the Steelers if they plan to drag the Dolphins ashore. It’s time to beef up the offensive line and improve the defensive secondary. Otherwise, dare I predict another doomsday? I surely hope not…after all, I had the playoffs on my Christmas list this year!

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