Big Ben’s Performance Not So Big After All

There was a collective sigh heard across the ocean Sunday night, and no, it wasn’t your imagination. The Steelers, who traveled to London to face the Minnesota Vikings at Wembly Stadium, were left exiting the field with their heads held low after yet another embarrassing loss. I’m also pretty sure the Queen threw out a few unruly hand gestures in disgust of the game as well.


For the Pittsburgh Steelers and their loyal fans, the very idea of being 0-4 is for lack of a better word, devastating. Writing this article is painfully tragic…and I can typically deal with a loss or two. With the roster changes this season, it was easy to give a bit of leeway for the learning curve. But this? This is simply unacceptable. Big Ben’s performance was far from Big. Roethlisberger completed 36 of 51 for 383 yards and one touchdown, but also had one interception and a fumble. He was also sacked five times. Ouch. Mike Adams didn’t help, as he allowed two sacks to DE Jared Allen and was penalized for holding. He was later blown up for another sack by Chad Greenway in the third.

What planet is this? The team’s defense gave up nearly 400 yards and zero turnovers. Pittsburgh is without a single takeaway this season. The Vikings and their not-so-secret weapon (Adrian Peterson) played well. Peterson is just too much…I’m not afraid to admit I fancy him a bit. His 60-yard touchdown run allowed him to finish with 140 yards on 23 carries and added an 8-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter.

Sure every NFL team has its bad days…but this is uncharacteristically bad of the Steelers. A team with six Super Bowl rings, regardless of roster changes and enhancements, should not be playing this poorly. After four games in they should have already found their groove. This is a team who hasn’t been this bad in literally 45 years.

Sure times change, teams change, but unless there is a significant ebb and flow revival starting NOW, this may end up being one of the worst season’s the Steelers have ever seen. And yes, my Terrible Towel came in handy to wipe away the tears yesterday…but I refuse to give up on my guys. Sometimes getting into the groove of things takes a bit longer than we’d like to see…as long as we do eventually see it!

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