Baggage…And I’m Not Talking About Louis Vuitton Here.

Emotional baggage is annoying.


Now that I’ve reached a certain point in my life, I know what I want out of a relationship. Be it casual or serious, I know what makes me happy. And quite frankly, I refuse to apologize for that. I am however, sorry that my willingness to take chances in relationships has far too often landed me in some sort of barricaded twilight zone where I always let my guard down and end up catching the short end of the stick…so to speak.

I write this because quite frankly I can’t believe the amount of baggage that people still bring to new relationships. Spoke or unspoken…it is the emotional baggage that drives me crazy. The stuff that places an immeasurable weight on what could be something life altering…in a good way.

Do not misunderstand. Am I flawless in what I bring to the table? Definitely not. Do I still have a few pockets of doubt and cynicism tucked down deep inside of me from previous encounters? Sure. But am I able to let go of the fact that I’ve been hurt and semi-heartbroken and all the fun stuff that comes along with taking a chance on someone? Absolutely.

Am I able to let go of some of the most insanely ridiculous situations that only my best friends know about and I can’t even mention because I know it would result in certain people ending up involuntarily six feet under? Sure. I can let it go…but I won’t forget it.

But I also won’t let it affect my ability to place faith and trust in someone new. Or to let it render my heart unlovable. Instead, I choose to learn from it. Because you know what’s awesome about garbage? Those guys come around like twice a week to pick it up.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the people who choose to bring their baggage into relationships are sabotaging the possibility of something great from the start. How can you be free to new experiences and love and all that it entails if you are still allowing yourself to be weighed down by the garbage of the past? Um, you can’t.

Moving forward is to be done with a skip in your step. Try skipping into the sunset with the weight and burden of a damaged heart, ego, etc. on your shoulders. It’s not going to happen. I don’t care how strong you think you are.

My hope is that those who choose to keep that icy coating on their heart will one day allow themselves to experience the warmth of a new relationship without fear. Yes, proceed with caution, but it’s about time to check that baggage once and for all…unless you want to live through a series of short trips instead of a lifetime of permanent vacations of the heart.

Because what it comes down to is having the faith in someone to allow them to help you unpack your baggage. And maybe this act of venting is my baggage in full effect. But at least I can recognize and handle what rests within the pockets of my heart, and allow myself to move forward with the ability to travel light.

2 thoughts on “Baggage…And I’m Not Talking About Louis Vuitton Here.

  1. Very true… We’ve all been hurt and definitely all have baggage! All of the heartbreaks and pain make us who we are, but you have to learn from those experiences and move on. Travel light, but don’t forget where you’ve been!

  2. I really loved this piece! It’s so true what you said…people need to take chances and have more faith!

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