Central Florida: Help Find This Killer!

The last few days have been rough…and have me questioning the true presence of evil in this world. While I know that good will always prevail, my heart remains heavy.

A few days ago, a friend and well-loved member of the Orlando community, Richard Millsap, was brutally murdered in front of a class he was leading at his Crossfit Mosaic facility in Winter Garden, FL .

The following composite sketch was created from descriptions given by those who witnessed this ruthless act of violence. The person police are searching for walked into the gym and shot Richard twice, then walked out and was driven away by a second person. This disgusting lowlife deserves to be punished…and if I were him, I would pray that the police find him before anyone who knows Richard does…and that’s A LOT of people. I’m just sayin’.

If you or anyone you know thinks the person in the sketch looks even seemingly familiar, please contact Winter Garden police immediately at 407-656-3636.


This crime and senseless act of violence has not only taken Richard’s life, but left his wife and two young children (ages 2 and 7), to live with the torment and pain of such a tragic loss. Please help them and all who loved Richard find some sort of closure and peace by locating the man in this sketch.

Richard was the epitome of a good, genuine, person and friend. He was loyal to a fault. He was also one of the most fun and enthusiastic people I’ve ever known. He was a stand up guy who turned his life in the right direction years ago…focusing on God, family and helping others through his Crossfit Mosaic gym and many other ways.

Though we had not been in touch for quite some time, as I moved from Orlando a couple years ago, what makes this incident even more painful for me personally, is that just last week, out of nowhere, I received a note from Richard on my website. To discover him doing so well and know he was so blessed with a wonderful wife and children, truly brought joy to my heart.

Richard millsap says

The CrossFit community is planning a benefit WOD (Workout of the Day) in Richard’s memory on August 31 at 10 a.m., to be held at Crossfit studios across central Florida. The WOD is one that Richard programmed that is being referred to as “Millsap.”

An account and online donation will be set up for those who want to contribute but can’t make the events. Those who do attend the WOD will pay a minimum donation (or more, if they wish). Anyone wishing more information about the benefit can contact Jeremy or Scott at www.armorcrossfit@gmail.com.

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