Steelers Kick Off 48thTraining Camp in Latrobe

After a seemingly endless offseason, it is finally time for the NFL fellas to hit the ground running as training camps ignite around the nation.

The Steelers could be seen rolling into Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, for their annual training camp…some fresh from vacation, most fresh from intense offseason training regimens.

Now hosting the black and gold for the 48th year, Saint Vincent College remains synonymous with the annual return of the NFL season for Pittsburgh fans who effortlessly track into town from across the country, ready to catch a glimpse of their favorite players in this early stage of training.

Players arrived for the three-week camp with countless bags of luggage in tow (I didn’t realize men had so much baggage…no pun intended), and ready to kick-off a few weeks of hard workouts and skill sessions which began on Saturday, July 27th and will run until August 18th.

Players made their way to the (cozy) dorms which they will call home the next few weeks. Of course, as expected, the highlight of arrivals was Brett Keisel (and his beard) on a black and gold Hydrema 912 HM dump truck. I can only imagine what is parked inside his garage at home.

Some insider chatter coming from camp during the first few days hummed around the significant roster changes and enhancements, which added a lot of new faces and young talent expected to help erase the painful memories of last season’s 8-8 record, the team’s first non-winning season since 2006.

The issue of veterans vs. rookies is one that many critics say will either make or break the team this year. At this point, I will reserve my opinion until we see some solid field play from both the oldies and newbies. Although my gut tells me this season won’t disappoint like last year.

Monday’s practice included the team’s first one in pads, something Coach Mike Tomlin was looking forward to, as he compared the experience to the first day of school.

Let’s hope this season ALL the players show up for class…be it Thursday nights or any given Sunday.

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