Thank You, Rondo…For Putting Loyalty In The Spotlight

Today I’d like to thank Rajon Rondo for showing that loyalty still exists in this world.

It was refreshing to see Rondo step up for his teammate last night, and let’s face it, punk Kris Humphries. It all stemmed from the moment Mr. Kardashian fouled Kevin Garnett hard on a jumper, in which KG was sent back into the first row of seats along the baseline. Rondo rushed Humphries from near the basket and the fight, more of a harmless scuffle, ensued.

Hug It Out? No Thanks.

While I certainly don’t condone the physical violence of what happened, I also certainly don’t mind the principle behind such a scuffle. I had to laugh. Little ol’ 6’1” Rondo making a fool out of 6’9” Humphries.

Everyone already knows that Rondo adores KG like a big brother, so it’s not shocking that he’d stick up for his teammate. Two technical fouls were dished out to Humphries, one for Wallace (his second of the game, ending his night), and one for Garnett. Rondo was ejected, ending his notable personal streak, plus the Celtics lost. But hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Maybe I’m just one of a few who still value that old school mentality of standing up for the people you love without hesitation. I’m not afraid to tell you that I’ve been in similar situations many times, not on a basketball court, but I’ve been there. Stepping up for my friends regardless of their size, stature, or ability to defend themselves is nothing new. Male, female, tallie, smallie…none of that matters. It’s the principle that matters. Let’s just say I was clearly not born with the hesitation gene in my body.

So good for you Rondo. I would have done the same thing. Who cares what anyone thinks.

You’ve got heart. You are loyal. And these days, those are both very rare character traits.

2 thoughts on “Thank You, Rondo…For Putting Loyalty In The Spotlight

  1. A hot chick with brains that writes well about sports. Your boyfriend is a lucky man!

  2. I like your take on what happened. Not many people feel that way, but I get it!

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