Political Cupcakes Could Save The World

I am not a political guru.

I am also not exaggerating when I tell you that my ears start bleeding every time a commercial comes on bashing this guy or that guy. Oh, I’m so glad you approved this message. Remind me to thank you later.

To be honest, politics bore me to death. It seems like one never-ending blame game. Two grown men pointing fingers. Throwing indirect insults. I am not a fan of arguing. It all just makes me feel so uncomfortable. However, as a responsible adult, I pay enough attention and educate myself to a point where I can feel confident with my decision on election day. This next election, however, is proving to be quite a challenge.

That being said, one thing I will never understand about politics is the logic behind re-electing someone who hasn’t kept up their end of the bargain…and I don’t care which party they represent. But what is the point of re-electing someone who has seemingly failed at their job over a four-year period? The way I see it, we the people are the HR department, and in my opinion, we just might have an employee that hasn’t fared so well.

I’m pretty sure that if any of us performed poorly at our jobs or failed to show results for more than even a month, we’d all be fired. Since when is a four-year probationary period acceptable?

I know miracles don’t happen over night (resolving budget issues, debt, health care, etc.), but why would we, the ones responsible for the hiring and firing of the most important position of all, even consider rehiring an employee who couldn’t provide the positive changes promised? In four years nonetheless.

I kind of feel like someone lied in his job interview. I also kind of feel the promise of change has yet to prove itself and that far too many of us bought into the somewhat fairytale-esque ideas that saturated that historic election of 2008.

Like I said, I’m no political guru…and since I was told voting for Betty Crocker probably won’t make much of a difference, I will keep tuning into debates and filling my brain with all that both sides have to offer…hoping it doesn’t slide out of my bleeding ears. I suggest you do the same.

I will also be sending off my note to the Presidential suggestion box indicating that surely handing out cupcakes during the campaign debates would help make the world a far better place.

One thought on “Political Cupcakes Could Save The World

  1. If only cupcakes could really save the world of politics! Good idea though!

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