For Damien

I’ve always believed that we are each born with a light inside of us, tucked away in the deepest pockets of our hearts.

And what starts out as a tiny, glistening flicker, begins to grow, just as we each grow.

And as we make our way through life, that light is always present. It burns tremendously bright during our moments of joy, growing in intensity as we continuously embrace the blessings and changes we constantly endure.

But there is something else that often goes unrecognized about this light.

Despite times of somber skies lingering overhead, like the kind we are experiencing now with the loss of our friend Damien, I can’t help but still notice that light.

You Will Be Missed Damien

It remains powerful…deep within and high above all of us. It still illuminates our way, guiding us through our grief, refusing to let even this tragic loss hinder our ability to see the untouchable good things that graced Damien with such a contagious spirit and a peaceful, genuine heart.

I believe that despite our grief, the light will continue to shine…so that we can all truly appreciate and honor the light within Damien that brought something special to each of our lives.

And though I can’t help but feel so sad and wish our friend was back here with us, I find a snippet of comfort knowing that Damien’s light is now shared with the other angels watching over us…bringing an irreplaceable sense of peace, love and calmness that has surely changed the heavens forever.

2 thoughts on “For Damien

  1. Melissa, I am touched by your comments. I could not have said it better myself. You made me think of all those special people who have gone before me. People who have left this world after making it a better place for all of us. William Bradley

  2. Marissa, this is a great tribute to a wonderful person and spirit that Damian was and is. I can say he was very humble and was gone too early.

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