Simmering Steelers Face Jets At Home

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I’m just now recovering from the Steelers loss to the Broncos last Sunday. It was a painful loss and please don’t get me started on Ben Roethlisberger being sacked for what felt like 700 times every moment he was on the field. I literally lost count at one point and couldn’t even begin to review the stats until days later.

Sometimes I want to hop onto that field and ask Ben…Who are these invisible players you are throwing the ball to? Don’t you know a QB is, in fact, supposed to have eyes in the back of his head? And by the way, Hello? Offensive line? Are you there? So many questions for these guys. And honestly, I may be 5’4″, 120 pounds and have never played a single moment in an NFL game, but I feel I could be sacked less and throw more than Ben. This is my qualm with this guy every single season.

Please pardon my venting. Moving forward…

Steelers vs. Jets

So I’m either the greatest football fan of all time or am simply a fan so filled of theories they are coming out of my ears.  (Little bit of both?)

As yet another Sunday of playtime approaches, I can tell you one thing…the Steelers are mad. (They better be!) They are mad at themselves. They are mad at the Broncos. And yes, they are most definitely still mad at Tim Tebow, who they just-so-happen to be facing this week at Heinz Field.

My theory is that, in addition to being better prepared and quite frankly tired of looking like an unfamiliar Steelers team from what we are used to seeing, I believe that the Steelers are so irritated at their careless loss last week, that the very thought of facing Tim Tebow this week, the guy responsible for what was, let’s face it, the worst ending to a season in years, should have them hitting the field like a slew of charged-up maniacs ready to destroy any and everything in their path. After a week of simmering, the Steelers should be just about boiling at kick off Sunday night. You would hope so anyway. Anything else would be a huge disappointment.

But then there is the issue of injuries. Seeing key players out with injuries is a horrible reminder that not even a 6X Superbowl franchise can hide from the good ol’ wrath of aging. For this week’s game, safety Troy Polamalu and linebacker James Harrison are questionable, as neither practiced on Friday. Polamalu continues to nurse a strained right calf, and Harrison, although he practiced earlier in the week, is still recovering from minor arthroscopic surgery he underwent on Aug. 15.

Not to mention Rashard Mendenhall is recovering from a torn ACL in his right knee that he suffered at the end of last season. Mendenhall has been listed as doubtful. Knowing that Coach Mike Tomlin typically does not let players who haven’t participated in practice during the week play in the ensuing game, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, if this week’s game is anything like last week’s game, I am certain that if you get close enough to your television, you will be able to hear me screaming at Ben.

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