Food Under The Table: A Little Tale About My Favorite Tail

It’s a funny thing, the inevitable.

It has only been a few days since my giant white bunny Nellie made her way up to Heaven…and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a million shattered pieces of a girl being held together by what are luckily countless happy memories with my puppy.

I believe that God created animals, dogs in particular, to serve a purpose. A purpose in the lives of us measly humans. They teach us without even knowing the knowledge they naturally share. They live in the moment. They ask for nothing while giving everything. They greet us with joy and bid us fond farewell with unwavering amounts of sincerity. They forgive. They are without judgement. They sit with us, they lay with us, they grieve with us in our time of need. Sometimes their silence even seems to protect us more than their bark ever could.

For me, my sweet Nellie was there by my side through every celebration, every heartache, every challenge and pretty much every moment in between. For nearly 16 years, my loyal companion. A girl’s best friend….I never needed diamonds, Nellie was more than enough.

Her quirky character and unforgettable smile…I mean, this dog REALLY smiled!

Rest In Peace Nellie Marie

And the chasing of the squirrels, the snapping at my nose, the piercing bark, feeding her under the table every single night, the sound of her tapping up and down the wood floors of our house, the eating of the wrapping paper every Christmas, and my favorite…the way she would sit on her hind legs and wrap her paws around my hands like a little circus bear…that was our game, no one else.

So many things. Too many to count and not enough words to pay tribute to just how wonderful she was. From the moment we adopted her from PetSmart, she was the perfect mix of a furry angel and a spunky little devil  with a tail, bundled together into the most loving and lovable white puff of a pooch.

And now, I am suddenly forced to deal with this very uncomfortable ebb and flow tugging at my heartstrings. Knowing she is at peace and no longer suffering any discomfort, yet still wishing she was by my side.

That being said, there is a little bubble of my memories that will stay protected within my heart until we meet again. My best friend, my love, my forever heart, Nellie Marie.

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