Let The Games Begin: London 2012 Has Arrived

Today is like a semi-Christmas morning for me.

Every four years we get to experience the delicious treat of another Olympics. Maybe this year feels different because the games are being held in London, a place I’ve held close to my heart ever since my very first visit back in 1995.

Or maybe it’s the little girl in me who used to flip her way across the floor doing gymnastics routines, or whirled her way around the uneven bars. Indeed I was far from an Olympian, but the feelings of enjoyment from performing and competing are very relatable. Either way, I feel like I’ve been counting down to this summer’s Olympics for an eternity…but the day has finally arrived!

As the athletes and organizers prepare for the opening ceremonies this evening, there is a universal buzz of excitement in the air for what is expected to be one of the best Olympics to date. Mother Nature must be a sports fan, as the weather seems to be holding up nicely thus far.

The Iconic Olympic Rings

The morning began with the ringing of the bells. Led by none other than Big Ben, the bells actually chimed away for the first time outside of their regular schedule since 1952, when they tolled 56 times for King George VI’s funeral. So, yes, it’s kind of a big deal.

Tonight’s opening ceremonies have been in the works for seven years. The three-hour spectacle will be held in the Olympic Stadium and is expected to be viewed by a global television audience of around a billion people.

The Olympics are, for lack of a better description, a big deal. For those of us watching, we must appreciate what we are witnessing. Sport dream chasers and dream catchers all in one place at one time. The absolute best of the best.

Let The Games Begin!

Much like during football season,  I feel bad for anyone who has to sit near me while watching the games, as in my typical and overly dramatic female nature, I get very emotional at all victories, all defeats and pretty much everything in between.

Knowing how hard these athletes have trained, you want them all to win…but that kind of takes the fun out of competing now doesn’t it? As an avid sports fan, sports journalist, and friend to many athletes, I wish only success for each and every one of them.

Want to get inspired, overly-emotional, and giddy about the Olympics like me? Do yourself a favor and tune in!

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