Take A Chance On YOU

Today brings a happy feeling to my heart.

Around this time two years ago, I loaded up my car with all my clothes and moved to Miami. I left everyone I loved behind.

My Daily Reward

It was very hard…but it was time to follow my gut and delve into a new career opportunity waiting for me. I knew no one in Miami and had nowhere to live. But I didn’t care. I checked into a hotel and called it home while I got established.

The entire experience taught me a lot about myself. Good things. Things I never would have known had I stayed put in Orlando.

I learned that I am one tough cupcake and far more independent that I ever knew. That you are never too old to get homesick and that confidence goes a long way, no matter what the situation. I learned that I never want to eat Ramen noodles again. Ever. That life without cookware and a microwave can be very difficult. Even worse, that life without full NFL season access is pure torture. That being said, I also learned where all the best sports bars are.

I learned that struggling to afford the bare necessities while saving up for a real place to live makes you very creative. And that at the end of the day, you are forever grateful for your parents, who still offer to help, even though you will always be too stubborn to ask for it.

Most importantly, I learned that those who do not support your journey and your decision to chase your dream do not deserve a place in your life. I’ve learned that those types of people are simply too scared to step outside of their own daily routine…too scared to take a chance on themselves.

Well, I took a chance. A chance that has led to amazing opportunities and accomplishments. So I urge you to take a chance on YOU. Never question what you know is right for YOU. If you cannot be a complete, confident version of yourself sauntering happily through life, then what are you?

Take chances. Just don’t be stupid. Have a plan…even if that plan means hotel-dwelling for a few months, who cares? Plan it out. Work hard. Then, work harder! In time everything falls into place. Sometimes you HAVE to go through a time of having almost nothing to gain everything. I am living proof of this.

Never Stop Chasing What You Know You Deserve In Life

Two years later I wake up every morning with a view of Biscayne Bay that I still can’t believe is mine. I worked my cute little a** off to get to this point and I wouldn’t change a single moment. Well, maybe the Ramen noodles.

It is amazing the power of the human spirit. If you are fearless and follow your gut and tune out the naysayers, there is so much out there waiting for you…more than you could ever imagine.

2 thoughts on “Take A Chance On YOU

  1. Loved reading this entry…… You have made me feel inspired to take a chance. I have been trying to make the decision on going back to school. I haven’t gone back because I never take chances. I never think that I could succeed. But, reading this I learn that people take chances everyday and you have really inspired me to take that chance.
    What a wonderful story, Marissa.
    Thank you.

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