Intuition Is Your Relationship’s Best Friend

I like to think I’ve been in enough relationships to know what a good one entails. The reason for this chatter is because I can’t help but laugh at all of the women I’ve been hearing about lately that are either ridiculously blind in their own relationships or are totally and completely off their tree. It is so annoying to see someone too clueless to realize how amazing or how horrible their man may be.

I learned long ago that the one and only thing you should listen to in a relationship is your intuition. That little whisper inside that tugs ever-so-slightly at you when things seem a bit off. Let’s face it, for some people, their intuition could be screaming at top volume and they still wouldn’t hear it. Sad, but true.

It doesn’t take a genius to know if someone is being dishonest. It’s whether you choose to accept it or not. Are you being naive? Or are you really that stupid? Perhaps if you’re in a relationship and you obsess over same sex friends, constantly cyberstalk your mate, or can’t stand to let them spend time away without losing your mind in worry…how about turning up the volume on that intuition and use your brain.

No man wants a crazy, needy, obsessively jealous woman in his life. Yes, all men want to be wanted, but not to the extreme some people take it to these days. Do you really think your man is happy dealing with that? Let me help you…he isn’t. And chances are, one day, sooner than later, he’s going to up and leave. Sure a good man may stay a bit longer if he has other obligations with you, but trust me, one day he will leave your relationship. And please note, he will be happier with someone else. Have you ever thought about how many people are out there to replace you?

I guess I wrote this because growing up with two older brothers and being friends with a lot of guys, I have seen and continue to hear about the madness so many of them endure dealing with some women. While I do get great entertainment out of their tales of terror, it kind of makes me feel like I’m the last sane female alive.

Sure, I’m not perfect. But I am the type of independent, educated, passionate, family-oriented, classy, understanding, non-needy, warm-hearted, loyal female with good morals and a killer ass that your man comes to talk to about his problems with you. So maybe think about that.

You’re a woman, not a spy. So smarten up, save your energy and listen to your intuition. And if it’s reporting back bad news that you didn’t want to hear, then pack up your newly-found friend and head for the hills. And if you don’t have the confidence to do so, then either quit your complaining or accept your miserable situation while your relationship runs its course.

3 thoughts on “Intuition Is Your Relationship’s Best Friend

  1. Nice. I sooo see where you are coming from. I just wish my brain didn’t whisper that I can’t trust my intuition *quite* as much as it does! 🙂 Thanks!

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