Travel Now, Ask Questions Later

I truly believe that if God had meant for us to stay put, He wouldn’t have made the world so big, so diverse, and so beautiful.

Up, Up & Away

On the cusp of a much anticipated overseas romp, it’s starting to sink in that while I’ve been to Europe before, this will be my first time going at it solo. Sure I have some friendly faces waiting for me on the other side of the pond, but that is just the icing on the UK cupcake I am about to devour. I’ve always been uber independent and I’m used to going at things alone. But it wasn’t until a girlfriend of mine made a comment that she could never do what I’m doing, that I could see the significant role my Euroventure will probably play in my life.

For this trip, I’m feeling very Diane Lane Under The Tuscan Sun-esque…minus the divorce and heartbreak-laden undertones of course. I have great happiness and excitement in my heart! I am rather elated to have been blessed with a mindset that erases hesitation from my decision making and lets me embrace the simplicity of having the freedom to go where I want, when I want. And you wonder why I still enjoy the single life? Say what you will, but there’s just something so delicious about getting away on your own. The departure and arrival exhalation combo is ranked #1 in my book.

To saunter freely…just me, myself and my craft. Writing about the little idiosyncrasies that the bustling outside world is too rushed and stressed to see the beauty of…is a wonderful thing. Knowing I will surely discover some new things about myself that may not have surfaced in my everyday life here in the States. Ah, the allure of the unknown.

Until today, I guess I never thought of this trip as more than jetting off for a fun-filled mini-holiday sprinkled with just the right amount of good trouble. It’s kind of exciting to be honest…knowing the potential of my journey is far beyond the surface of the countless pages I will surely be scribbling down along the way.

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