MLK Is The New Black…Oh Wait.

First of all, many thanks to Dr. King for taking one for the team.

The irony of course being that in an effort to silence him via assassination, the idiot behind the barrel instead gave him one of the loudest eternal voices to ever grace our nation. MLK 1, James Earl Ray 0.

MLK: It Does A Nation Good

Make no mistake, you’ve really got to show respect for a guy who acted as a fearless voice for so many people unable to be heard. Sure, Dr. King had his fair share of critics…people like FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who saw King as a troublemaker. People who worked to discredit him by exposing details of his personal life…which were far from savory. No one is perfect, and while I respect Dr. King’s accomplishments with the civil rights movement, I do not respect his well-known womanizing and adulterating ways.

But back to today.

I wonder what Dr. King would be doing if he was still around in 2012. At almost 83 years old, I picture him as a keynote speaker at the finest political, charitable and red carpet events. He’d definitely be on the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, considering he was the youngest person to receive the award for his efforts to bring an end to racial segregation and discrimination through nonviolent means.

He’d surely be writing books, continuously pushing young authors such as myself off the NY Times Best Seller list month after month. But that’s OK. We writers typically peak when we’re older anyway, so he can have the spotlight for a while. Not for nothing, but I’m certain we’d see him courtside at some NBA games. I’m thinking he’d be a Hawks fan since he was born in the ATL. He’d obviously be the Godfather of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s new kid, and would more than likely have some sort of life-enlightening show on Ms. Winfrey’s new TV network.

But most of all, I think Dr. King would still be a beacon of hope for the kids today. Hell, even for the adults. The entire entity of nondiscriminatory thinking unfortunately still has a long way to go. We all still have a lot of work to do to end ignorance and embrace the differences that make us the stellar nation we have become. I’d personally like us to reach the day I can walk down the street with my khaki-colored boyfriend and not get judgmental looks from passers by. Get over it people. It’s 2012.

Dr. King’s accomplishments may have paved the way for a better world, but it is up to us to actually follow that path and not allow ourselves to be influenced by compromising roadblocks. So thank you Dr. King, for following the passion placed inside of you. Not everyone may agree with the manner of your efforts, but knowing you made a difference is surely a reward that only a select few will experience the true honor of owning.

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