Thank You For My Hangover Tom Ford

I have an extreme hangover today.

This hangover did not come from the poisons of alcohol, rather an overindulgence of inspiration from a little fellow named Tom Ford.

After viewing Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind of Tom Ford, I am once again reminded that not only is this man a creative genius, but he remains the absolute ideal human specimen in all ways, shapes and forms. I would love to swim inside his creativity-coated brain for just one day. Everything this man says triggers a catapult of thoughts in my own head. As a writer, this is the greatest gift anyone could give me…aside from when he will design my wedding dress of course.

His unfiltered and insanely honest viewpoints on the realities of life, sex, fashion, the arts, women and men…everything he says just makes complete sense to me. Yet another gay man stealing my heart. Sorry Warhol. I will always adore you, but Tom is a bit more my present-day type.

From his intellect to this perfectly tailored shell, Tom Ford is pure wonderment. So I thought I’d revisit and post a little tidbit I scribbled up about Tom many moons ago (see below). Check out the doc on OWN if you get a chance.

Tom Ford, Will You Adopt Me?

February 17, 2010

Just when I thought I couldn’t get enough of Tom Ford’s unmatched creative genius…he goes and makes a film. Film has always been a strong side on my love octagon with the arts. Writing, film, music, dance, fashion, design, theater and Warhol (yes, he gets his own side).

Tom Ford continues to hold me captive with his creative vices…today through film rather than fashion. I just viewed the film, ‘A Single Man’. His directorial debut and screenplay have left me in a dizzy state of awe, smothered with a fantastic heartache.

Simply perfect.

I’m pretty sure if he wasn’t happily involved with journalist Richard Buckley for the last twenty-some odd years, Tom and I would have been a perfect match…in a gay man/straight woman kind of way. So instead, I propose a possible adoption as I heard the pair would like to have children. And if that isn’t in the cards, I’d settle for some level of creative intermix…either way, Mr. Ford remains one of the brightest constellations in my universe of inspiration.

One thought on “Thank You For My Hangover Tom Ford

  1. I really enjoyed this feature! I think Tom Ford would find it entertaining as well. Kudos to you!

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