Celebrating The Lessons Of 2011

This year was…interesting. While it may seem that time teaches us new lessons, I like to think they are actually all just the same ones simply donning different outfits. Initially we tend to pay more attention to the ones in couture, but in the end, it’s the raggedy old ones that always seem to carry the most worth. In 2011 I learned a few things about this, that and the other, and I feel blessed to have them stitched into my heart as I venture into 2012.

Celebrate Your Life

Lessons Of Love

I learned that for me, distance still means nothing when it comes to following my heart.  No shocker there. I also learned that a mishandled heart is actually the strongest heart. Enduring obstacles results in a greater appreciation of the complexities of love. I also learned that when it comes to relationships, six degrees of separation has nothing on me. Try one degree. One very annoying degree.

Lessons Of The Body

Thanks to crossing paths with one of the planet’s top nutritionists, I was taught and witnessed first hand the results of truly treating your body as a temple…a gift from God. And from that lesson I now know there is immeasurable power in choosing organic food and clean living (with a dash of cupcakes here and there). I can honestly say I have never felt healthier in my 30-some-odd years on this planet!

Lessons Of The Mind & Spirit

I learned a lot about the power of focusing more on spirituality rather than religion. Sure I’ll always be a good Catholic girl, but a stronger focus on my spirituality has helped me to build a better version of myself through positive thought and positive energy. Clarity of the mind is a powerful tool. What you emit you will attract.

Lessons Of A Higher Power

Up until 2011, I somehow was not aware that Jesus did not speak English. No really. Go ahead and laugh, my parents did. But I honestly never thought about it before. I don’t care how flighty I sound admitting that, but it still baffles me.

Lessons Of Self

I got to know myself this year in a way that was new. When you really start living your truth, life pans out in a very different and rewarding way. For me, my writing reached new levels. Creativity and ideas seemed to flow excessively…and I continue to welcome such floods.

I realized that when you are surrounded by goodness, purity and people with good intentions and unstoppable passion for what they do, that you, too, become one of those people.

And by the way, it’s OK to let the world know! It’s OK to be proud of who you are and what you are working to accomplish in your life. Be proud of your talents, your beauty, your brains. Love yourself the way you can’t help but love someone else…with unconditional and unwavering loyalty.

So as 2011 tucks itself away, do yourself a favor and consider your own lessons. Consider their significance and impact on not just yesterday, but tomorrow. Love your life, love others, love yourself…and celebrate every sunset as if it is New Year’s Eve and every new sunrise as if it’s New Year’s Day!


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