A Jobless World

As word of the passing of Steve Jobs sauntered across a ticker at the bottom of my Mac, I smiled at the irony of the news arriving to me via one of the many devices he himself created.

Wizard Of Mac

The manner of his death at such a young age caused great exhalation on my part. Not only because cancer is just so ridiculous and ruthless, but the affirmation of a reality that not even all the money in the world can buy immortality.

Immortality as motivation was something that Jobs often spoke about. How death is a great incentive to truly do everything and anything you believe is meant for you. The simple idea of following your gut and pretty much saying screw it to what others may think…and throwing caution to the wind.

I immediately took notice of a particularly refreshing trend on various social networking sites. The same insightful, positive vibe. People of all ages, all walks of life, showing their respect to Jobs for his contributions, his visions, his desire to leave the world a better place than when he arrived. To inspire and be inspired. Mission accomplished.

This also made me smile.

Is it possible that the light bulb lingering above the celebrity-obsessed masses has finally come on? Are people finally recognizing that there should be more to their mission in life than becoming an attractive shell of a human being with the most followers on Twitter? Are people finally realizing that the ones we should aspire to be like are not those people who have merchandised themselves to death, rather the ones creating said merchandise? It would be nice.

There is a difference between fame and celebrity…so choose your inspiration wisely. Sure, there will only ever be one Steve Jobs, just as there was only one Einstein, one Newton…and of course, one YOU. We all have the capability to evolve into a version of something great. Unique and irreplaceable human beings with boundless capabilities to continue shaping the world into a magical place.

My only hope is that the world will continue to direct its respect and adoration towards those who actually thrive to make a real impact. To pay homage by learning by example, while they are still walking the planet. Jobs encouraged everyone to contribute in their own way…and to create and help feed the minds of others.

In the end, it is your own yellow brick road to follow…otherwise, what’s the point? After all, Dorothy may have been prancing around in the celebrity spotlight, but it was Oz who made it all possible.

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