Mr. Rogers Remake? No, I Will NOT Be Your Neighbor

It’s official.

The creative types behind certain television shows/networks have completely run out of original thoughts. My suspicions of this plague were originally sparked with the inception of “reality” television, but were confirmed today as I read that they are remaking Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Best Neighbor Ever

I am appalled, offended, annoyed.

Planned to be called ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’, the show will focus around 4-year-old Daniel Tiger, who is the son of the original Daniel Tiger. Did I mention Daniel is animated?

How can the good people of PBS, one of my favorite television stations of all-time, even fathom the thought of remaking something so terribly-sacred to so many generations of people?

Have these network execs not learned that some things should just be left alone? Anyone see how Charlie & The Chocolate Factory was butchered the second time around? How about Beverly Hills 90201? There is a television/movie graveyard for a reason.

I grew up watching Mr. Rogers, adoring his savvy sweater and shoe changes each episode, and feel very strongly that this remake is a huge mistake. There is a reason that the trolley ran its last route in 2001.

While I can understand the viewpoint of wanting to carry on Mr. Rogers’ legacy and his passion for educating children, I am still aching inside. Maybe I’m just an old school, traditional girl from Pittsburgh who appreciates the simplicity and innocence that Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood offered.

There is a real connection I felt as a kid living in Pittsburgh where the show was filmed, knowing that Mr. Rogers really WAS my neighbor…literally!

My only hope is that the new school of Neighborhood kids pay appropriate homage to the refreshing realness Fred Rogers offered so naturally. My wish is that the writers are able to properly portray Fred’s original intentions of the show and are able to smartly, yet just as effectively, deliver life lessons that so many of us found when we tuned-in.

Ugh. I think I’m going to watch some re-runs of the show to cheer me up. And if I win Powerball this week, I am going to buy the show and stop production. End of story.

Let me say this, if Sesame Street ever goes off the air and someone tries to remake it years later…I will be the first in line protesting in front of Mr. Hooper’s Store, Bert & Ernie’s stoop and Oscar’s trash can. I don’t care if I’m 101 years old when it happens, some things are just sacred.

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