Remembering Adam Walsh

Thirty years.

I think it’s safe to say that thirty years would feel like a lifetime to most of us. But to the Walsh family, I imagine it probably feels more like an eternity.

Remembering Adam

And while today’s date does not only signify the anniversary of the tragic loss of an innocent little boy named Adam Walsh…it denotes a day that triggered a father’s unwavering determination to bring justice to those cowardly enough to commit such horrific crimes against children.

After his abduction in 1981, Adam’s story gained national attention, skyrocketing John Walsh to embrace his position as a staple in the advocacy for victims’ rights. Relentless in his ongoing fight for justice, Walsh has become one of the most well-known advocates for victims of violent crimes.

He is the reason the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children exists.

He is the reason that in 2006, Congress passed the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, which was signed into law just a few days later…five years ago today to be exact.

He is the reason that an accurate national database of convicted child molesters, as well as increased penalties for sexual and violent offenses against children exists.

And it has been his position as host on America’s Most Wanted for all these years that has helped influence and lead to countless arrests.

With today marking 30 years without Adam, I couldn’t help but have the Walsh family in my thoughts. After I was introduced to an intriguing Callahan Walsh a few years ago, I was taken back immediately. To be honest, I was unaware of his family’s story when we met. I was unaware of who his father was or what had happened.

However, I was more than aware that Cal had a very contagious personality…one that still makes me smile to this day. Some people are just born with a certain good vibe around them. And much like his father, Cal exudes that same familiar passion for life his father has shared with the world over the years.

John Walsh and his family continue to be selfless in their efforts. Where they could have kept their loss to themselves, they instead worked toward implementing ways for other families to never have to experience what they have by the loss of Adam.

You can’t help but be grateful to know that there are people, like the Walsh family, who have turned tragedy into a sort-of triumph…not for themselves, but for others. Selfless in their efforts, there is no doubt that Adam lives on through their ongoing mission…and flawless devotion to a son and brother who is smiling down over them each day.

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