Miami 365

Just one year ago this week, I picked up my life and followed my gut to Miami.

I think at first, a lot of people assumed I was either moving here for some guy, or was having some sort of a mental hiccup telling me it was a good idea to flee. I mean, what kind of girl just picks up and leaves her entire family and friends and heads to a town where she knows no one? I guess I’m that kind of girl. I knew just three people here at the time…so basically, I knew no one.

But that didn’t matter, because I knew Miami. And I knew that Miami had always been that one special place I felt was a good fit for me. I saw how the people I did know down here were so inspired, so passionate, so creative. I could relate. I needed more of that. More creative freedom. More time to just go with whatever lands before me. More inspiration for the Pulitzer Prize-winning novels and poetry I am penning.

I’m the kind of girl who is a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. I took the lack of creative challenges in Orlando as a sign. I felt so…blah. Everything felt…the same. Like when you keep getting interrupted while you’re reading and you end up reading the same paragraph over and over again.

To me, it was the same people doing the same thing on the same days in the same way. I thrive off of other peoples’ energy. I feed off of people with a passion for life. I was bored. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of loving friends in Orlando who are super talented, motivated and goal-oriented…but alas, I needed more. Knowing there was far more creative opportunity in Miami for a little wordsmith like me, I figured what’s the worst that could happen? The way I saw it, I may as well do it before the universe decides to throw me in another direction.

So I put all of my things in a storage unit, packed up my car with just my clothes and the everyday basics…and off I went. Try and tell me I’m high maintenance and I will remind you that my entire life fit inside of my car. I was an official hotel-dweller for a while during my condo search. Interesting and expensive…but totally worth it.

Everything I’ve learned in the last year has taught me more about who I am as a lovely young lady, and what I really want out of life. Love & money. Just kidding. But those are must haves as well.

I’ve learned that as a female, the world is truly at my fingertips here. Even better, as a smart female with an extensive knowledge of sports, the opportunities are infinite. I’ve learned that the smaller the bikini, the more it costs. That spas were invented for ME. That the ocean here dances in a way that will set you into a comforting trance every single time. That the sunrises are worth waking up early to see…and that I’m still waiting to experience a sunset with someone special.

I’ve learned that you can arm wrestle Floyd Mayweather at LIV while 50 Cent and Rick Ross place bets…and walk away knowing Mayweather is better at arm wrestling than he’ll ever be at boxing. That gold diggers are equally pathetic in any language, town, state, universe…and that no matter how hard I try, I will always be just one of the guys to so many of my guy friends. (Sigh)

I’ve learned that the more organic food you devour, the better you feel and look. I’ve learned that growing my hair long enough so I can walk down the beach topless with just my locks covering my breasts is a great goal to have.

I look forward to my second year here…and invite more adventures along the way. Oh sure, there will always be plenty of guys and mental hiccups, but the overall decision was simply me wanting more out of life…and that is exactly what I’m getting…only this time around it is in a much smaller bikini and with much longer hair!

One thought on “Miami 365

  1. even with capital letters… your words are inspiring. then again, they always have been. may you continue your courageous journey and find that special someone to enjoy the sunset with. may your words always be true to you. May you beat Mayeweather the next time (a girl can dream) and may you continue to be a muse to those of us that are just getting back to knowing ourselves. many, many, many blessings for an amazing writer, poet, friend.

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