Seducing Twenty Eleven

Ah, nothing like a new year. The fresh start. The resolutions. The record-breaking (short) time it takes to break those resolutions.

Although I’ve never been a huge fan of the actual New Year’s Eve festivities…a night full of drunken amateur partygoers thrilled to have the following day off and a babysitter until 8 am…not so much. I think I had more fun the few days prior, celebrating one of my best friend’s birthday, barely beating the sun home, and even meeting a handsome new fellow. Either way, I do love looking back and seeing how much I’ve progressed (or regressed) in the last year. And you should do it, too.

New Year, New Everything

Overall, 2010 was a blessing in my little world. Started off a little rough…moved from this place to that place, ended one relationship, started another (repeat). Landed a dreamy editing position in Miami, which in turn has me living in the very place I had been working my cute little ass off to be for the last year. Freelance clients keep calling (always a good thing), so I can carry on with my sports writing, etc., while basking in the South Beach sun. Nothing beats a day at the office that requires only a bathing suit, a laptop and an occasional mojito. Did I mention the cabana boys?

But really, what did 2010 teach me about myself? What are the lessons learned…the whole everything happens for a reason crap.

To start, I’ve learned just how much I love my family, and how grateful and lucky I am to have been raised in such a tightly-knit group. It actually tore me up a bit when I first moved away. Picking up and leaving was a big deal for a first-timer like me…but it remains its own blessing.

I also learned that no matter how much faith you place in other people, there will always be those little secrets they fail to share. Unfortunately, little secrets come with giant shadows. In 2010, these shadows came mostly in the form of hidden girlfriends, wives, unclaimed children and illegal activities you simply cannot look the other way on. Aren’t I lucky? Yes, I am actually…because I was raised right and know what is, and what is not, acceptable.

2010 also reconfirmed that yes, maybe I’m some weird prototype girl who relentlessly believes in the wonder of love as a hopeless romantic…while simultaneously finding happiness in the idea of having a boyfriend who is not around all of the time. Clearly this contributes to a favoring of those involved in the athletic world. Mostly because I prefer someone with that kind of seemingly unbreakable passion and drive, ambition and dedication to their talents…so being away for work is OK. It makes you appreciate your time together even more. Not many people get my logic behind this, but I don’t care. Plus the fact that I’m sports savvy (addict) and can chat it up with said individuals at any moment is always a bonus in my eyes. Just sayin’.

*On a side note, I love you SportsCenter…please morph into a human so I can marry you, thanks.

My mom says I’m a commitment phobe. Eh, what do moms know, right? But things happen and people are all different and who am I to judge, right? And who are you to judge? Exactly.

Look, we all put up walls to protect ourselves, and that’s understandable. But wouldn’t it’d be nice to be able to feel at ease without hesitation when it comes to the people who come in and out of our lives? Friends, colleagues, significant others…everyone. Sometimes I think we forget that WE are all WE have.

My wish for 2011 is that people are once and for all, simply good to one another. I mean, like really good to one another. Honest, helpful, sympathetic, appreciative, selfless. It takes a lot of strength to live in this type of universe with a pure, good heart…but in the end, I wouldn’t change the way I approach the world for anything.

If not for the ridiculous concoction of nonsense and tears and stolen breaths and smiles and madness and head-spinning stories that seem more like fiction than reality that made up the last twelve months my life…I would be unable to move forward.

Now, moving forward, my days will be saturated with even more of a fearless drive, passion, and fervor for the celebration of life…knowing that I will, without fail, seduce the Hell out of 2011.

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