Stevie Bell Goes To Bootcamp

A few weeks ago, Pro Snowboarder and DBOT5 lifestyle golfer Stevie Bell spent some uber-exciting time out in the luscious lands of California getting a taste of Spy’s 8th Annual Summer Bootcamp!

Very much in Stevie style, he was seen exerting what appears to be a lifetime amount of endless energy surfing, wakeboarding and riding moto.  It’s kinda exhausting just watching Stevie. We’re pretty sure he may be part robot…but we’ll have to get back to you on that one. (Research in progress.) Take a peek at some pictures of Stevie, making his way through the bootcamp madness.

Spy’s Summer Bootcamp is a sort-of fantasy retail contest which gives nine of their lucky retailers the chance to experience what the real California dream is all about! The five days of events take place right in Spy’s backyard, alongside Spy’s pro athletes. DBOT5 is super proud that our man Stevie had the chance to give us a look in side his adventures with Spy. The Bootcamp 8 crew also got to check out the Summer X Games for a day as well as hit up the “Fantasy Factory” for a Monster party with skateboarder Rob Dyrdek.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Casillo at Spy.

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