LA Galaxy’s Omar Gonzalez Above Par

By : Marissa Foglia for DBOT5

Omar Gonzalez isn’t your average MLS player.

When he isn’t dominating the soccer fields, he can be found swinging, or in this case, seducing any of the golf courses in Southern California….and we love that his oh-so-lovely DBOT5 clubs get to share the Omar Experience while he is on the course.

LA Galaxy's Omar Gonzalez

The 21-year-old Los Angeles Galaxy player was drafted in the first round (3rd overall) of the 2009 MLS SuperDraft. He earned his keep that same season as he won MLS Rookie of the Year Award. We’re happy that our clubs get to accompany Omar as he hones his talents for golf in his free time.

Stay tuned to DBOT5’s website for more info. We’ll be checking in with Omar every now and again as he and his DBOT5 gear make their way around the green!

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