What Happened To Jail Being Jail?

Wana write Lil’ Wayne a letter while he spends the next 159 days in jail?

Apparently he’s been reading and writing a lot. He has set up a blog, weezythanxyou.com, for fans to read, along with watching TV, having internet access, and even the ability to participate in organized team sports. Kind of sounds like my next 159 days, too.

Which got me thinking…what happened to jail being, well, jail? Bread, water, no outside contact. “Real” punishment if you would. Sure, the kid didn’t kill anyone, and I wish him well during his unfortunate journey, but that got me thinking…what about those murderers? And rapists? And creepy evil people locked up right now?

I can’t believe that some prisoners actually get all the frills of the college dorm experience…minus the cheap beer and late night ass…well, you’d hope not the ass, but it is what it is.

Yet there are good people on the outside, living in the free world who are upstanding citizens and crime free…but are unfortunately jobless, homeless, and struggling. Good people wondering where their next meal will come from or how they will pay their power bill…let alone use a TV or a computer. Good people who maybe caught a bad break with a job loss or fell victim to something out of their control.

Kind of annoying to think about. Personally, I like the ol’ eye for an eye approach. Always have, always will. Cut the frills. Cut the time. And how can I resist, cut our taxes. I mean, I recently read about a country that, once proven guilty of let’s say murder, they take you out back after your trial and the firing squad does their job. And that’s that.

Yes, it sounds harsh, and I’m not some cold hearted maniac who doesn’t believe in human rights…but would it seem harsh if said guilty party broke into your house, slit your parents’ throats open, left them for dead and shot your dog on the way out?

I don’t think so. Just something to think about.

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