Doin’ Work…Miami Style

Recently I was in Miami covering a few events…Model Volleyball Tournament at Nikki Beach and Board Up Miami. Good times all around.

With my fave DJ Irie at Nikki Beach

I mean let’s face it, being paid to watch pretty people play volleyball while enjoying a few cocktails always = good times.

I must say that I love, love, loved my accommodations at The Mondrian as well. I’ve visited a few times, but never had the chance to stay there. The suite was insanely perfect. The staff was insanely attentive. The valet guys were hot and spoke little English (bonus). The bathroom was so beautiful with a mosaic-tiled shower that I wanted to claim residence in, and the fact that the water cascaded out of a chandelier was a nice touch, too. And of course, the pool was a nice escape.

Lounging area at Mondrian pool

I ate more Cuban food than should be legal, had a few Coronas, a few more mojitos, and as usual in Miami, met a heap of dope ass people. Looking forward to calling Miami home sooner than later. It will be worth every ounce of time and energy I’ve been putting into my work. Until then I bid farewell to my new friend…as creepy as she was, she kind of grew on me after a few days!

My creepy new B/F/F

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