Pro Wakeboarder Andrew Adkison Takes On 2010

By: Marissa Foglia for

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about chatting up World Champion Wakeboarder Andrew Adkison, a.k.a. AA, a.k.a. All American. (So many names, so little time.)

Andrew’s always been one of those super neat people that tends to give you the warm fuzzies…I’m just sayin’. So it was nice to see, that since the last time I interviewed him (many moons ago), he remains the same, cool-mannered, humble guy we’ve all grown to love both on and off the water. The only difference now is that he’s gained a few more titles, a lovely wife, as well as even more events posted to an ever-growing schedule of competitions. See what Andrew had to say about 2010, his golf skills, and my subtle guilt trip to get him to teach me to ride this summer.

photo: (2010)

Q. What’s in store for 2010?
A. Tons of comps, clinics, and free riding. I’ll be doing around 20 pro tournaments this summer. Seven of those being international. I’m also planning some film/photo trips. This should be a big summer!

Q. Since DBOT5 (clearly) has the dopest golf gear, I must ask, do you golf? If so, are you any good?
A. I do golf occasionally. I used to play all the time. I was actually on my high school’s golf team for one day…picture day. I had a bet going with a friend to see who could get in the most team and club pictures. (I’ll have to find that picture for you!)

Q. Let’s say you’re golfing with Tiger Woods…uncomfortable silences on the green or chat him up for some golf advice?
A. I’d trade him out for some wakeboarding advice.

Q. What do you think of wakeboarders, snowboarders and other “extreme” style sports athletes taking up golf as a pastime?
A. Golf is one of those sports that everyone plays. It doesn’t surprise me at all that action sports athletes are into it. Most people play golf to some extent.

Q. What’s your all-time favorite location to wakeboard?
A. Lucas Lake in Washington County, Fl. and White Western north of Panama City, Fl. Sorry I gave you 2.

Q. I know you’ve gotten married since last we spoke. How does married life match up with your crazy travel schedule?
A. It’s great! My wife is also my business partner. She manages anything that would distract me from riding. She is able to travel with me some as well.

Q. What are three things you cannot live without? (Other than your wife, of course.)
A. iphone, toothbrush, and of course my wakeboard.

Q. What’s on your ipod that most people wouldn’t expect?
A. Ben Folds. I went to his concert in mid March. Just him and a piano. Top 3 favorite concerts I’ve ever been to.

Q. You’ve got a cool looking web site going…did you develop that on your own?
A. I’m quite fluent working in DreamWeaver. Working on my Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call is pretty standard. That was actually a lie. Mark Shonka originally did my site, now it’s headed up by my brother-in-law.

Q. You’re a very accomplished athlete, yet have remained so grounded. Do you think there will ever be a time your ego takes over and you start referring to yourself in the third person during conversations?
A. Absolutely… anytime I play ping pong competitively. Never around wakeboarding. This is my passion that somehow turned into my career…that’s a blessing.

Q. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?
A. I have some big things in the works, but my first WWA World Champion Title in 2004 really set the pace for several seasons after that.

Q. Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins?
A. Wow, I didn’t realize your were going to be asking these tough of questions. DQ’s Blizzards are amazing. I mean, a Thin Mint Blizzard. What genius though of that? However, Baskin Robbins’ parfaits are pretty great.

Q. In 100 years from now, when we are long gone, what do you rather be known for…being a good person, or changing the face of wakeboarding?
A. Being a good person.

Q. Lots of wakeboarders spend the winter snowboarding. Are you a member of that club, too?
A. Not this winter, but in 2008 I got 20 plus days.

Q. I’ve heard lots of good stories about when you guys travel to other countries for competitions. Have you ever had to talk yourself out of trouble in a foreign land?
A. Yes…with help. I knocked over an expensive looking vase at a sheek Karaoke Bar in China and pretty much was about to get beat up for it…until Trevor paid them off. I still owe him $30 for that.

Q. If you could form your own “Dream Team” of riders, who would be on your team?
A. Depends on what the team was competing in. For instance, Ping Pong. I’d pick myself, Keith Lidberg, Corey Bradley and French Paul. We’d be an unstoppable force.

Q. Any plans for your birthday next month?
A. Yup, I’m hoping to use those new DBOT5 clubs that mysteriously show up and hit the links with some friends.

Q. Will you teach me to wakeboard properly this summer? I’m tired of saying I don’t know how when people ask me.
A. For sure!

Well, I guess you know where you can find me this summer! Perhaps we will catch up with Andrew on the golf course next time around..surely sporting some DBOT5 gear. Until then, be sure to check out Andrew’s stellar website and for some more good stuff about to drop!

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