Shane Bonifay: Pro Wakeboarder

By: Marissa Foglia for

Ah, the ever-so-entertaining Shane Bonifay. Who doesn’t love Shane’s antics (and his wildly tousled curls) both on and off the water? I know we do. Also known as “Shane Danger Bonifay”, this boy can put any wake to shame. Shane lives by the motto of “Party as hard as you want, but just make sure you work harder.”

It makes sense to us…as Shane is always the life of the party! Shane is one of the hottest talents to come out of Lake Alfred, FL…both the town and the lake we would presume. DBOT5 was excited to learn that Shane really enjoys golfing, too…trying to get it in as much as he can in between riding on the water. DBOT5 loves outfitting guys like Shane with stylish gear for the green. People like Shane tend to be a favored poster boy for the extreme and we love that!

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