Pat Duffy: Pro Skateboarder

By: Marissa Foglia for

Pat Duffy is, well, a revolutionary in the world of skateboarding. This guy has most definitely given his hometown of Corte Madera, California something to brag about. Pat is known for his dope rail grinding…it’s beyond impressive. Aside from his skating skills, he is featured in the video games Skate and Skate 2…a favorite of infinite kid (and adult) video fans worldwide.

He also laid a part in Plan B’s videos “Questionable,” and “Virtual Reality”. Could Hollywood be calling? Man, this guy gets around…he was more recently featured on an episode of the MTV series Scarred. No wonder he continues to claim sponsors such as the newly-reformed Plan B Skateboards. When he isn’t conquering the concrete with his coveted moves and rail grinds, Pat slows it down on the gold course with a little relaxing tee time. Have I mentioned we think he looks great donning DBOT5 hot gear as he makes his way though 18 holes? Oh yes!

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