Erin Comstock: Pro Snowboarder

By: Marissa Foglia for

Let us share a little secret with you…this girl is the total package! Not only is Erin THE best woman in snowboarding today, but she’s really easy on the eyes and super smart! Growing up with Lake Tahoe in her backyard must have been a dreamy setting and a super inspiration for this multi-talented sports chick…especially with all those slopes and winter sports at her disposal.

In 2002, Erin’s career really started to soar as she gained a place on the Roxy snow team! Her accomplishments have skyrocketed from there. At the 2004 U.S. Open she took 2nd place in the rail competition. That same year she took 1st at the Red Bull Heavy Metal Rail Jam. But it was Erin’s 2006/2007 season that set her over the edge as a pro, as she was filmed for two snowboarding films…pretty sweet. Keep an eye out for Erin in the pages of countless board mags and on DBOT5’s website.

We love her free spirit and athletic abilities…and the fact that she really digs golf. She hearts DBOT5, too (which makes us smile) because she fancies a golf company that suits her stylish taste…thank you very much!

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