Water vs. Snow: Jeff House Chats About Boarding In Salt Lake

By: Marissa Foglia for DBOT5.com

Lately it seems like there are more pro wakeboarders showing up to shred at snowboarding spots more than ever. Cabin fever doesn’t stand a chance with Jeff House tearing up the slopes in Salt Lake City. House, along with friends, recently hit the sugary terrain for some much needed snowboarding and all around good times.

Photo: Jeff House

Leaving his cares behind in sunny Florida, House and his crew stay at a pretty sweet spot perched atop the slopes, where they get to wake up and ski down to ride. Pretty convenient!

“It’s all about having fun and relaxing when I’m here,” says House. “There’s no pressure out here. We can spend the day riding, trying out new things, then hit the hot tub at the end of the day.”

The water may be his first love, but House admits he still likes challenging himself snowboarding just as much. House will be heading back home to Florida, and with the weather warming up, you’re sure to see him out on the lakes again soon.

Photo: Jeff House

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