Sacred ©

He reminds me of a maze I want to stay lost in forever
Little surprises at every turn
The faster the second hand swings
The harder I am blown away by the gusts of this wild ride…
And I love it.

I try so hard to hold onto the walls only he has been able to tear down
Taking his time on me
Piece by piece unraveling me…
And I love it.

Sometimes I can’t help but stagger,
Trying to gather myself as his eyes hover over mine.

The brightest eyes I’ve ever known,
Painted over with a subtle hint of grey, it is impossible to look away.

An angelic touch,
His hands trace my body as perfectly as Da Vinci’s brush.

He leaves me tousled
He makes me shine
Every kiss feels like the first
Even his shadow beams…

And I love it.


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