Singing Duo Dagnese

You can’t help but be immediately drawn to the genuine vibe emitted from brothers Chris and Craig D’Agnese. These real-as-they-come Massachusetts-born brothers formed the band Dagnese after years of creative expansion, making their way through an industry they were clearly destined to be a part of.

With relatable lyrics and comfortably-catchy pop rock melodies, Dagnese lives and breathes a genuine appreciate for the music they create, as well as for the fans they’ve acquired along their journey. Their performances offer every crowd an escape from the real world…one show at a time. Their sex appeal keeps the ladies fawning, while their ongoing humility brings a certain familiarity and intimacy to their concerts.

Favored by local radio and now booming onto the national scene, Dagnese truly started owning their crowds just a couple of years back. They were voted No.1 on-air performance at WXXL 106.7 FM’s Orlando’s Got Talent for their song, “Three Shades of Sorry”.  

Currently, and also in 2008, songs “Desperate Feeling” and “Come Over After” from the “Hard To Find” EP were in regular rotation on & JaxRockRadio. You’ve also probably caught a glimpse of the handsome duo featured in numerous publications such as Florida Today and on

The vocal talents of singer Chris D’Agnese during a performance at Hard Rock Live in Orlando in September 2007, were featured on Hard Rock Live’s “LiveWire” television program, airing on Orange TV in December 2007 and January 2008.

Chris also earned “Featured Artist” for’s spotlight program “The Scene,” in 2007. Dagnese is currently in the studio finishing their first full-length album…cranking out soon-to-be aired material sure to cause a welcomed disturbance among an ocean of steady radio waves.

In a land of infinite musical opportunities where everyone seems to be chasing the same dream, Dagnese has taken their flight one realm higher by remaining the same, grounded guys since day one…while holding the golden ticket of quality song writing, mixed with relatable personalities and lyrics. Dagnese brings more than enough talent to the musical roundtable…including an irreplaceable and rare connection to its audience. Like the excitement you’d find unwrapping a long-awaited gift…the Dagnese experience was well worth the wait.

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