Dreaming About Travis Barker

So last night I dreamt about Travis Barker. I was pretty confused by the ordeal…mostly because I’ve never really thought twice about Travis.

Anyway, so I was checking out of my hotel from what apparently seemed an exhausting weekend. For some reason the lady at the desk kept insisting I take off my sunglasses and lower my hoody because I was “making the other guests nervous”. I refused and told her to bite me (yes, this really was a dream…although it does seem very much like my day to day.)

So I looked up and Travis was next to me, signing his AMEX receipt. He complimented my black jelly bracelet that has become a permanent addition to my wrist the last year. He looked tired and subsequently had no scars from the recent plane incident…which was good to see.

So I thanked him and was all “Hey, I’m glad I ran into you. I have a painting of you my girlfriend did. We’ve been trying to get it to you, but you were all being patched up and whatnot.”

“Yeah, fires are really hot,” he said, and continued to tell me that he couldn’t wait to see that painting and that he had a pen in his car and to walk with him so he could get my number. So off we went out of the hotel lobby–I guess the hotel ran out of pens.

As we were leaving, I see my tall friend Drew Gooden walking into the hotel lugging a magician’s trunk and some random girl (maybe his assistant?)…either way, some dreams can be so true to life.

Drew gives me this ‘Why are you with Travis Barker’ look and tells me he’s calling my mom to let her know where I am, that I better not flood the jet skis again when I got back to Orlando, and then he disappears.

Travis and I continue to the car, where I notice he has really nice abs and oddly shaped ears.

He hands me a pen that actually turned out to be a twizzler with ink at the end of it. I told him there was no way I could write with that because everyone knows the Twizzler pen can only write properly on the cookie dough paper, which of course, he didn’t have with him.

Soon after, I woke up craving both Twizzlers and cookie dough.

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