Brook Pifer: Rockstar Photographer

To properly view the photography of Brook Pifer, you must first have both feet planted firmly on the ground. You may even want to dig your heels in a little, just to be safe.

So please, assume the position…

Because the manner in which Brook captures the most unlikely embraceable moments and turns them into irreplaceable memories is about as subtle as a freight train rushing toward you in the middle of the night.

You will be blown away. You will look twice. You will be impressed.

Don’t let Brook’s whispery voice and humble demeanor fool you…her firecracker enthusiasm behind the lens has catapulted her career far above the peaks of the industry’s highest rafters. The truth is, her images speak at volumes so loud and are so pulsing, that she has every right to sit back and just listen.

Brook’s rockstar roster and celebrity stricken clientele boast some of the industry’s biggest and best such as Universal Music, 111 Records, Konvict Clothing and *fresh. Her full-service photo shoots are eloquently accented with a talented make-up artist and stylist.

There is a comforting and ambient groove surrounding her work…like the soothing sweetness of sugar on your lips. It is a piercing confidence only she could exhume. It is the soundtrack of her life.

Once your eyes have had a taste, it almost seems impossible to not covet another glimpse of Brook’s award-winning creations.

In 2007 alone, this Art Institute of Pittsburgh grad who is currently based out of Orlando, received the Best of Industry Create Award, Best of Photography Alternative Pick Award, Site of the Day from the FWA, plus a few Gold and Silver Create Awards.

So brace yourself…because with Brook, you are guaranteed an enticing whirlwind unlike no other. Just be sure to hold on tight.

Contact Brook:
p:407.252.0920 web: brook-pifer. com

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