Artist Nicky Bothelo

Close your eyes…

Picture millions of paint drops blended together…evoking the raw emotion triggered by the turbulence of everyday life. Images ready to escape the confines of a canvas. A mixture of gut-wrenching memories swimming in a sweet and sour elixir. Images you will likely never forget.

Born in Massachusetts in the late seventies, Nicky Bothelo has fiercely worked her way to the top of the ridged edges of a competitive artistic arena…and has never looked back. A successful hairstylist and make up artist, Nicky has always embraced her creative abilities.

Based out of Orlando, Florida, Nicky has an impressive roster of clients including photographer Prook Pifer, Poetic Rage Clothing and NBC, just to name a few. Now she has taken her passion for painting and drawing one step further. She has held hostage countless blank canvases…turning them into melodic satyrs bound to leave you frozen with intrigue.

To Nicky, everything is a potential canvas. Her newest project of hand-painted, custom designed sneakers has left these kicks drowning in her original artwork. These one-of-a-kind sneakers can be seen walking the red carpets of Los Angeles and the streets of New York City…on the precious peds of celebrity clients in both the sports and entertainment industries.

Now open your eyes…and welcome to the enchanting visionary world that is Miss Nicky Botelho.

For more info & inquiries on her original artwork, contact Nicky here on myspace or at

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