Sociopath Soup

Over the years I’ve developed the flawless ability to coexist with some of the planet’s top sociopaths. (Go me!)

From what I have heard, some of these gems (sarcasm) have not changed and are still out damaging the lives of unsuspecting people every single day. Others have landed themselves behind bars (thank God), yet somehow still try to leave comments on my website all the time. And finally there are those who, of course, SEEM to have changed, although I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them.

121554-119966Look, I’m not talking Charles Manson here, but minus the murder and cult-esque vibe, the typical sociopath is something I never really understood until a few years ago. They offer erratic bursts of character traits that should make anyone head for the hills. Seeing as how there are no hills in Florida, I blame Mother Nature…for now.

While I rarely comment on my personal life, I couldn’t help but notice a trend, a pattern, a whatever-the-Hell it is. For those who are not savvy on the definition of a sociopath, allow me to enlighten you on this delightful journey.

A sociopath, for all intensive purposes, is someone who first and foremost lacks a conscience. Their ego is over-sized (think super-sized fries x 1,000,000). They have an inability to show remorse (which is fun when you turn to them for emotional support), they are charming and lure you in with falsities that you wouldn’t suspect were such, because really, why would someone lie about X, X, or X? The worst of it is the lies. Lies, lies, lies. And the scariest part is that they don’t see them as lies. Can you say head case?

They are superficial and have no regard for anyone else’s feelings. They act on impulse. Meaning they can be in a relationship with you for an extended amount of time, yet go out, sleep with some random somebody (and surely many more that you only have to assume have been through the ringer), not blink an eye, lie to your face about and still lose no sleep.

The sociopath is a scary type of creature. While I write this I feel I must point out, no, I am not perfect, but I’m not the kind of person who can rest soundly under false pretenses, living a double life, etc.

No one really intends to get involved with one of these heathens, but they typically catch you off guard with charm. They attach to you quickly and then step back. They say one thing and do another…CONSTANTLY. They expect EVERYTHING from you, but if you need something, forget it.

They seek to dominate every relationship in their life. They are entitled. They are opportunists. They are suspicious. They are narcissists to the umpteenth degree. They are incapable of shame, guilt or remorse. They lie…over the DUMBEST things…CONSTANTLY. The will refuse to answer facts and will attack the messenger without fail. And please know they will make excuses for their lies when they are caught…and the excuses are even more ridiculous than the initial lie. When confronted they will flee…faster than the Roadrunner before the safe falls down on the Coyote.

And worst of all…they do not trust anyone. Then again, how could they? They have no concept of truth…making it impossible for them to place such faith in another human.

When I tell you I’ve heard it all, believe me. And so concludes my PSA on Sociopath Soup. A pesky broth I’ve drowned in far too many times and am happy to say I know now better!

One thought on “Sociopath Soup

  1. This is a great commentary on something I think A LOT of people have experienced! Thanks for sharing!

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